In-Store FAQs

Here are some of the questions we're regularly asked by people wishing to join our store team. Hopefully the answers we've provided will help to answer any questions you have.

Q. Do you accept speculative applications and CVs?
A. For our Salesfloor and Store Operations Customer Assistant roles, sadly not. However, you can view all our current vacancies on the M&S website. For our Bakery, Beauty, Cafe, Deli, Kitchen and Visual Merchandising roles, you can register your details with us for any future opportunities. 

Q. I've seen/started to apply for a vacancy, but now it's disappeared - what's happened?
A. Because the recruitment website is a live system, vacancies will only remain there as long as interview slots are available. Once the interview slots are filled, vacancies will be removed. We'd recommend checking back to the website on a regular basis, as additional vacancies are often being posted. If you've registered with us, we'll notify you by email when there's a potential opportunity.

Q. How often is the website updated?
A. The website refreshes every 30 minutes. Stores with vacancies and interview slots available update too. When a store has filled all available interview slots for a specific vacancy, that vacancy will be removed from the site.

Q Why are there no opportunities showing for my local store?
A. This is because there are no current vacancies with interview slots available for the store in question. Only those stores with current vacancies and interview times available are displayed on the site. If you're interested in a role in a particular store, we recommend checking back to the website on a regular basis to see if any are available.

Q. When will vacancies appear online for a specific store?
A. Because each store manages the posting of their own vacancies on the website, we're not able to provide timescales of when open positions will appear. We'd recommend checking back to the website on a regular basis to see if there's a vacancy in your preferred store(s). For our Bakery, Beauty, Cafe, Deli, Kitchen and Visual Merchandising roles, you can register your details with us for any future opportunities.  

Q. Is every vacancy shown on the website?
A. Yes, all vacancies are advertised on the website.

Q. Do I have to apply online, or can I apply by telephone?
A. To keep things as simple as possible, all applications should be made online. If you have a disability which prevents you from completing the online application process, please call us on 0845 300 3725.

Q. How many stores can I apply to?
A. Your initial application will be made for one store. However, if this store has no interview slots available but an alternative store in the same region has, we'll offer you a replacement interview slot there.

Q. I've made a mistake and applied for the wrong vacancy - can I change this?
A. Unfortunately not. You are only able to register one application per role at a time.

Q. Can I add or change the information I've provided in my application?
A. Unfortunately not, as once an application is saved the information can't be changed.

Q. If I'm not successful, can I apply for the same vacancy again?
A. Yes, you're more than welcome to. However, as all records are held on our central system for a set period of time, depending on the role you've applied for, you'll need to wait between 6 - 12 months after your initial application to re-apply if you're unsuccessful.

Q. I've worked for Marks & Spencer before. How should I apply to re-join?
A. Please follow the online process in the normal way.

Q. I've already completed the online test, but the website is saying it's incomplete. What should I do?
A. If this happens, you'll need to log back into the website and continue to book an interview.

Q. The webpage isn't loading properly/keeps directing me back to the application screen - what's that all about?
A. Sounds like you might need some IT support. Please get in touch with our system providers by email:

Q. I want to apply for vacancies in the Republic of Ireland, but there aren't any on the website.
A. At the moment, the website only holds vacancies in the UK, including Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland has a separate recruitment process, which you can learn more about by calling 0035 318728833.

Q. How can I delete my M&S application?
A. You can only withdraw your application if it was successful or you've not reached the point where it has been confirmed as unsuccessful. For more detail, please email our system providers:

Q. I withdrew my application, but have changed my mind and now want to proceed with it. What should I do?
A. Unfortunately, it's not possible to re-instate a withdrawn application, so you'll need to start a new one. Depending on the role you've applied for, you'll need to wait between 6 - 12 months after your initial application to re-apply.

Q. I don't have the requested two referees - can I still apply?
A. Sadly not - two references must be provided for all applications.

Q. The system won't let me apply online - why not?
A. If you've applied online in the last six months and booked an interview, you'll need to telephone 0845 300 3725 to make your application. If your application was unsuccessful, you can't re-apply until six months have passed.

Q. Can I get feedback from the online tests?
A. Unfortunately not. As the online tests run on an automated system, we're unable to provide you with feedback.

Q. I've booked an interview online, but haven't received a confirmation, or heard anything back. What should I do?
A. In the first instance, please check that you've selected and confirmed the interview date on your application. Next, check the Junk folder on your email account, as we always send an email confirmation of the date you've booked and sometimes this can end up in the Junk email folder, depending on the computer's settings. If you've checked both those things and still need support, please contact us on 0845 300 3725 and we'll be happy to check the status of your application.