12 December, 2019

Leading us through Peak Season

Having fun is what makes working at M&S great, so it’s essential that a great store manager can really energise teams, particularly in the busy Peak period.

Every year, we take on thousands of new seasonal colleagues and whether it’s in a store, distribution centre or Support Centre, managers focus on teamwork to help each colleague focus their tasks. That means individuals can just crack on, own it and get it done efficiently.

But what other steps do Store Managers need to take to ensure we put on The Greatest Show of the year across our stores? Colleagues believe it is by simply following these three clear objectives: Be Clear, Be Present, Be Energised. That is the key to bringing the Christmas magic!


Managers spend a bit of time each day with colleagues, communicating daily priorities and expectations. This helps colleagues focus and get work done efficiently.


Store Manager Catherine knows that being present is about taking the time to talk and listen to what colleagues need from her at our busiest time of year.

“By getting to know my team really well and being able to pick up on the little signs, I can usually see that they need support before they ask – that goes a long way. Know your customers, know your business and know your team. Connection is key. Being clear with my responses helps the team be clear with how we move forward and work as a team to grow our business.”

Additionally, by utilising the latest technology and digital solutions, it is much easier for M&S store managers to be on the shop floor the majority of the day. At M&S we are consistently developing digital solutions and tools to make every employee more efficient and productive.


At Peak season, our colleagues want to have fun and be inspired, even when things are busiest in-store. Store Managers are continually injecting energy and fun into daily briefings and communications which keeps everybody light and cheery and ready to spread the Christmas spirit!

Operating efficiently during Peak season is an all-hands-on-deck type job. In order to have the most successful season possible, we need our whole team to have an “Own it and Get it Done” attitude.

If you think you have what it takes to lead a team through a busy peak season like Christmas and New Year, take a look at our current Store Manager roles.

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