10 September, 2019

Everyone has a voice

All of our colleagues have a part to play in driving M&S forward, that’s why we hire great people. We all have the opportunity to make our voices heard through initiatives like BIG (read our recent article) or Suggest to Steve. We’ve just celebrated the first anniversary of Suggest to Steve and in a single year our colleagues have come up with over 11,000 ideas for how we can do things better. That’s a lot of great thinking.

In November 2018, Section Manager John from Sale Simply Food came up with a great digital innovation:

“Recording thefts is so time-consuming. Could we do it on an App instead so we can spend more time with customers?”

We did. The result? 30,000 incidents have been reported in a third of the usual time taken, helping us to be all in for the customer.

Jade from our Culverhouse Cross store in Cardiff had a brainwave that would help us be kinder to the environment, and help us save money:

“Our till rolls are wrapped in plastic in a sealed box – what a waste of plastic!”

In December 2018 we stopped using plastic-wrapped till rolls, saving 12 tonnes of plastic every year.

The theme of reducing plastic continues in 2019. One of our favourite suggestions came from Moortown Simply Food’s Customer Assistant, Beth. She asked: “Can customers bring their own containers to the Market Place to reduce plastic waste?” We thought this was a great idea and started rolling it out in July this year.

These sustainability initiatives are a big part of what M&S is all about. Our 2020 vision sets out our commitment to phase out the use of 1,000 tonnes of plastic by the end of next year. These are just two examples of how our colleagues’ knowledge on the ground is helping us deliver this promise.

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