12 August, 2015

Your A level results are in, what do you do next? Hear our school leaver success stories.

Thursday 13th August. It’s the day that you’ve been working towards for some time now; the day when you finally discover whether all your efforts have paid off. It could also be a major turning point in your life. Will you go on to study at uni? Or, maybe, you’ll choose to go straight into the world of work. If you’ve managed to get two A-levels and want to continue your development in a work environment, the M&S Management Scheme for School Leavers could be just the path you’re looking for.

Many have chosen this route for all kinds of reasons. For Scott, one of our school leaver alumni, it was because he felt uni just wasn’t for him. “I went to uni for a year but I’m more of a doer. I learn by being hands on. That’s what attracted me to the scheme. I didn’t want to sit in a classroom any more. I wanted to get stuck into a role that led somewhere and could make the most of my potential.”

Anna is another one of our managers who came up through the school leaver scheme. “The M&S scheme is designed for you to achieve more. It’s an accelerated programme that helps you go further, faster. So if you’re ambitious, it’s tailor made for you. You have to work hard but you get from the scheme whatever you’re prepared to put in.”

The scheme has been designed for ambitious, highly driven and commercially aware school leavers who want to pursue a career in retail. It focuses on helping you make the most of your potential and, ultimately, leads to a role as a store or commercial manager. This means you’ll be responsible for overseeing a multi-million-pound turnover, as well as leading and inspiring your in-store team. With this in mind, the scheme is not for the faint-hearted. However, if you have the self-confidence, determination and maturity we’re looking for, we can offer you all the support and guidance to accelerate your career in just 18 months.

So if you’re looking for a way to fulfil your potential, without saddling yourself with lots of debt, find out more about what the M&S Management Scheme for School Leavers could do for you at careers.marksandspencer.com/school-leavers

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