13 February, 2018


Yasmin is a Social Media Advisor and works for our customer services team based in Chester. She’d spent a number of years job-hopping and travelling around the United States before finally deciding to put some roots down and focus on her career. And M&S proved to be the perfect choice.

Yasmin’s work in social media involves helping customers with any complaints or queries that they might have. Which could be anything from the names of Percy Pig’s friends to the carbon footprint of our food.

She’s our front line for customer suggestions and feedback, making sure it’s shared with the relevant teams so we can keep introducing great new lines. And part of having the right answers is knowing the right people. So for Yasmin, maintaining relationships with everyone from the food team and chairman’s office to our technologists and buyers, is of vital importance.   

But what’s probably the most surprising thing about her role at M&S is getting to send gifts out to customers. “We’re always happy and friendly, and sometimes we like to have a little fun too, which our customers really appreciate.”

This attitude is one of the things that Yasmin loves most about her job, and it reflects the team as a whole, which for her is like one big family.

As for making every moment special, Yasmin proves there are plenty of opportunities on social media to do so:

“A customer once shared with me how much her autistic son loved M&S, to the extent that he would collect all our bags and photograph the store whenever he was near one. He was even on local radio telling everyone what he likes about M&S. So I arranged for his local store to treat him to a ‘backstage’ experience and a special lunch for him and his family.”

All that great work didn’t go unnoticed either. Yasmin was recently nominated for, and won, one of our department awards in recognition of her efforts. But it’s the M&S heritage, and the story of how it grew from humble beginnings to a global company, that inspired her to get there. “It’s really inspiring to know how far you can get with hard work.”

Starting out as a part time temporary evening advisor on phones and emails, Yasmin quickly progressed to a full time role and helped build the web chat team from scratch. She never imagined her department to be so lively, diverse or fun, either.

But for Yasmin, what really makes working at M&S different to anywhere else is the attention and focus on people, both customers and employees. That feeling not only of making customers happy, but of also being supported in your own career development.

“M&S really focus on the wellbeing of their staff. They want us to be happy and to look forward to coming to work each day.”

So what does it take to succeed at M&S, according to Yasmin? 

“Anyone who works hard. If you’re putting everything into your role, you’ll get just as much back”.

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