29 November, 2017

When ambition can’t wait, the only way is the Business Placement Programme

Today Richard is Head of Region, working at M&S. He’s based in Dublin and his main responsibility is overseeing trading and operations for the soon-to-be 18 stores in the Republic of Ireland. It’s a big job -  but what’s even bigger is the path that led Richard to this role and the one placement that launched his career on a massive upward trajectory.

“I did Information Management and Business Studies at Loughborough University. As part of this, I had to complete a Business Placement Programme. I decided to give Retail a try, so I applied to M&S, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. In the end, I chose to work at M&S because the company completely surpassed all my expectations.”

Richard has enjoyed a varied career at M&S, having done seven roles in 11 years, including Commercial and Store Management ones.

“After six years out in stores, learning and really immersing myself in the business, I became a Clothing & Home Trader for the Southeast. This role taught me a lot about M&S, after which I moved on to be the Head of Retail Trading for Clothing & Home. And after two years doing that, I was appointed in to my current role. It has been exciting and very rewarding but if you ask me, it was only possible thanks to the Business Placement I did.

I loved my placement year and I couldn’t wait to get back to M&S once I’d finished my degree. I learned so much in just that time, I met and worked with great people and developed new skills. It gave me focus, knowledge and prepared me for my future. It’s only now really that I realise how important that placement was and how much M&S supported me during that time. I feel one big piece of advice I can give students is to seriously consider this programme.”

Find out more about the Business Placement Programme by clicking here. Change your life and shape your future. 

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