9 January, 2015

Wellbeing Week for Food Supply Chain Workers

This month we’re launching Wellbeing Week to our UK food suppliers.

Taking care of all aspects of physical, mental and financial health and wellbeing can reduce stress, prevent illness, and lead to a better quality of life. Healthier and more active workplaces are happier and more productive with research showing that exercise can reduce absenteeism by 23.5% and staff turnover by 16%.

That’s why this month we’re promoting Wellbeing Week 2015 to our food suppliers. Wellbeing Week is an awareness raising campaign for suppliers to run with their workforces, across 6 topics: nutrition and hydration; physical health and fitness; mental health; women and men’s health; saving, pensions and financial management; and careers and skills development. Suppliers are asked to commit to running an awareness raising week on at least one of these topics, and in return they are provided with toolkits, posters and access to a new network of service providers.

Wellbeing Week 2015 follows a successful ‘Money Week’ and ‘Healthy Week’ campaign in 2014, during which sites representing a quarter of our Food volume ran Healthy Week and Money Week involving over 18,000 employees. In 2015 we are aiming to involve even more suppliers and employees in the revamped campaign, which will include a greater emphasis on financial and mental health.

Wellbeing Week forms part of our wider Sustainable Factories programme, and emphasis on employee engagement and ‘Great Places to Work’.

We’re calling on suppliers to sign up now to run the campaign in March – and we’ll post another blog in March to update you on how it goes! 


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This article originally appeared on the M&S Corporate Blog

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