31 March, 2015

Unfair, we know. Alex eats 130 bars of chocolate a week as our Easter egg taster.

  • This year, she tested the 1.5kg Golden Lattice Egg and Percy the Pig egg
  • The 27-year-old goes to the gym four times a week 'to keep fit and healthy'

It's a job that would make a chocoholic green with envy - eating up to 130 bars of chocolate a week working as an Easter egg tester for Marks & Spencer.

That's what Alex Emerson-White has to munch her way through, consuming up to 13lbs of the brown stuff in just five days - and getting paid for it.

But it's all in a day's work for the 27-year-old, who lives in London, as she travels the world selecting the perfect ingredients for the store's confectionery - most of which is hand-made in the UK and Ireland. 

However, Alex, who so far this year has been testing the luxurious 1.5kg Giant Golden Lattice and children's favourite the Percy The Pig egg, does admit the job does come with a risk - and confesses to going to the gym four times a week to keep off the pounds. 

And, of course, her friends are always asking her for freebies. Alex said: 'It varies in terms of week-to-week but I can eat 50 or 60 pieces of chocolate, it all adds up to about five kilos.

'I go to the gym before work four times a week to keep fit and healthy.'

'But I can't complain, I have a brilliant job where I get to eat chocolate all day. My friends are always asking for samples.'

Alex said she is now planning for Easter 2016 but this year M&S has some star attractions both for the kids and the big kids.

She said: 'This year we thought a lot about giving a single Easter egg rather than as many as possible, especially for the adults.

'This year we have the Limited Edition Giant Golden Lattice Egg. We wanted a show-stopping egg that not only looked amazing but tasted divine.

'We've been working on perfecting the egg for years but the intricate structure and time it takes to make the egg means we can only make so many.

'We've made the chocoholics' dream come true this Easter - make sure you snap it up before it sells out.

'It weighs a whole one-and-a-half kilos and only 7,500 have been created. Each egg takes over an hour to make and is hand-made and decorated by twelve skilled chocolatiers who are trained to work solely on this egg.'


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