22 October, 2018


Nick’s career with M&S started as a Christmas temp. He’d previously worked in retail, but every company does things differently. There was a lot to pick up, but we made sure his learning was exciting and he was soon up to speed.

First impressions count, so what were Nick’s? “I never realised how much you could enjoy a job until I started working for M&S! Many people nowadays prefer flexibility than working on a regular basis. But at M&S everyone is treated with respect, whoever they are, whatever hours they work, and they get the help they need when they need it,” he says. And that’s not all he’s discovered: “Everyone is so close here. People are more friends than fellow employees.”

Christmas is obviously our busiest time, but no-one is left to sink or swim. Nick picked up quite quickly that even if an area is under-resourced for some reason, help is at hand. That support enables everyone to perform when the pace is fast and keep cool under pressure. And while it’s busy, Nick also believes that Christmas is the most enjoyable time of year. “We all get into the festive spirit and it’s great talking to customers about what they’re doing over the holiday, and getting them interested in the different food lines we’ve introduced for Christmas.”.

Nick also found our 20% staff discount a huge plus. He used to shop at another supermarket and believed he got a good deal, but… “Once my family and I started shopping at M&S we not only saved ourselves a lot of money, but the food quality was so much better, as was the variety of products.”

After his seasonal contract ended, Nick was over the moon to be offered a permanent role – due reward for his motivation and talents – and is now proud to be part of M&S full time and looking to a long-term future with us.

He’s a Section Coordinator in Foods at our Guildford store, where his role is to work with other Coordinators to supervise Customer Assistants, help customers on the information desk and generally make sure everything is ship-shape. And that’s not the only role he has in the store. Nick is a trained First Aider. He’s often helped customers who have fallen over or are feeling unwell, but there’s one occasion that sticks out in the memory:

“A lady had a panic attack. We took her to a separate room off the shop floor, comforted her, gave her food and water and completed her shopping for her. When she was OK to leave we booked her a taxi to get home. We called her up the next day to check on her and she was lost for words to describe how much we helped her.”

That’s Nick for you.

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