30 April, 2019

Training with M&S Data Academy: Priya’s Story

The world is driven by data. Our digital fingerprints leave traces wherever we go. In the supermarket, the shops, at work, at home. Most of what we look at has been coded in some way, perfectly designed for our consumption. In this age, it’s important for us to keep up, to have people who know the ins and outs of what data means. That’s why we have our Data Fellowship with M&S Data Academy.

Through our Data Fellowship, our staff receive valuable training, providing them with the skills to decode the data we interact with on a daily basis. Lasting 18 months, our colleagues flex their working hours to dedicate 8 hours of study time each week toward their Level 4 Diploma in Data Analysis Concepts. For Priya, this is the perfect chance to learn something new while continuing with her assistant merchandiser position.

“I’ve always been interested in data, maths and computing, so I was excited to get involved with something like this while still doing my current job. I feel like this will create more opportunities for me within M&S as it will give me the technical skills to further analyse the data and information I work with daily.”

Having climbed the ranks from temporary admin assistant, Priya has shown just how determined she is to make a name for herself within our established business. “I feel like I’m already looking at all the possible areas I could apply what I’ve learnt and thinking of new ways I could analyse data in the future. I’m constantly running reports for sales history and sales comparisons. Once I feel more confident with what I’ve learnt, I’d like to start applying this to the data before passing it on to my manager. For example, I’ve been running reports on trials we’ve been conducting on age breaks and comparing these to control stores, looking at the sales impact of removing specific sizes. This would be a great example of where I could use my Data Fellowship experience to analyse the impact of these changes.”

Retail will always be a fast-paced industry, so it’s important to lead the way with new and exciting areas of work. For Priya, having started working at M&S straight out of university, she is grasping the opportunity to make her mark on a fresh area for us. She can take advantage of the wealth of support available and discover her passions along the way. “Learning how to code and all about python and programming is really interesting.”

“The people who thrive here are those who embrace change and can adapt to the different priorities and needs of the business.”

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