4 December, 2017

Thinking customer, first second and third…

I joined M&S just over 4 and a half years ago, as a bit of a change of scenery. When the agency I was with gave me a call about M&S, I was excited to have the chance to work for such a prestigious company, and it’s always been a shop my family have shopped in.

I started as an adviser talking to our customers on the phone, in emails and in letters. I then moved onto some of our more complex cases, before becoming a senior adviser, helping colleagues to resolve issues.

This career path made me ideally suited to joining the Customer Experience Improvement team, where I’ve been for almost three years now. As my job title suggests, we work very closely with all the other departments to provide insight and feedback directly from our customers.

These customers get in touch with every possible question, query and piece of feedback you can imagine. M&S customers are GREAT at telling us what they want. My team’s role is to make sure the customer’s voice is heard, and ensure we act on it where possible.

I think my biggest achievement has to be the development of our Conversations M&S Style initiative. It really helped us to remove the robotic contact centre speak, enabling our advisers to have human, natural conversations. Having this experience has changed the way we speak to our customers across all of our contacts, and it’s given us a great basis for the Virtual Assistant on our website.

I’m also proud to have helped make a change to our product line. When I was a senior adviser, we had a customer get in touch to ask about our sleep-vests with poppers. The customer found them great, but we only went up to a certain age with them – but this customer’s grandson was older and needed them for a feeding tube he had.

My colleague ended up getting in touch with our buying team to let them know that customers had been struggling to get hold of these sleepsuits for older children (and how much other companies charge for them). With everyone’s help and effort, we now sell sleepsuits for older children. This really stands out as an example of the changes we can make if we listen to what our customers want.

I’d say the opportunities I’ve had in the Contact Centre have been great, especially the last few years with the Customer Experience Improvement team. It’s surprising just how many areas of our business are looking for customer insight. My knowledge of the business and where we’re taking it has come on no end.

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