12 April, 2017

Laid Back Lamb, an M&S favourite

At M&S, one of our core values is being in touch with the needs of our customers and our employees, as well as with modern trends. All our products are created with the aim to inspire and delight. This is especially true around holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter when we try and bring a bit of M&S magic to everything we do.

So, when it came to our attention that some customers had questions about our newest Easter treat, Laid Back Lamb, an edible chocolate egg decorated like an adorable sheep, we did our best to listen and respond.

The lamb’s story starts with Katy, Food Product Developer at M&S, who created the chocolate treat after visiting Barcelona in search of Easter inspiration.

“Easter and Christmas are always an exciting time in Food. It’s important to know what else is out there and to keep a pulse on what our competitors are doing; making sure we are ahead of the game and always offering the best to our customers,” says Katy.

“I became inspired to create Laid Back Lamb after a trip to Barcelona. Funny cartoon animals are a big theme around Easter in many countries. So, for Easter 2017 we wanted to create something that could instantly make people of all ages smile.”

At M&S, we work together to deliver the most innovative products out there and to support creative vision in line with our shared values. Each concept is carefully considered and developed based on research and analysis, with a constant focus on quality and entertainment. Chocolate gifting for Easter is a huge responsibility that’s why everyone at M&S is devoted to making it as special as possible.

All in all, the lamb’s antics have indeed sparked a smile on people’s faces and he’s been the source of much amusement. That’s why he’s not only delicious but so laid back as well. 

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