20 November, 2014

The source of inspiration

"When I was designing the dress for the competition, I drew inspiration from a recent visit to Charleston farmhouse in Sussex, where artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant moved during World War I to escape bombings in London. The print draws inspiration from the artists' unique, decorative style. Organic brush strokes were used to create repetitive patterns, which covered the walls, doors and furniture of the house. The silhouette reflects the feminine laid-back approach to life in the countryside. I didn't go there seeking inspiration for the design especially, it just came to me while I was there.

"You can go anywhere to get inspired. I might go out, or read a book, or go to exhibitions; because it's really good to open your eyes, to actually live experiences and go places. I try and put my personality into my designs – bringing outside experiences into my work to keep it fresh and original.

"Everybody buys from M&S. You can go anywhere and you'll always see an M&S store. So, when I design something I'm thinking "wow, my Mum might wear this," or I might wear it, or perhaps my cousin might wear it - so you're always dressing up a lot of people. I like to design clothes that people can wear. You're not just designing things because it's in fashion, you're designing things so that people will want to wear them. That's what inspires me every day – the idea of designing clothes which people will make people feel good when they wear them."


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