5 November, 2014

Taking our Food Integrity across the World

Karen explains how we're taking our food integrity across the world

"We're famous for the quality and integrity of our food – it's at the heart of what we stand for in the UK, and we know that customers put their trust in M&S. They've got high expectations of us, and we have a responsibility to meet and exceed them.

"That can be less straightforward as we go further abroad. We have cafes all over the world – from Prague, to Malta, Kuwait, to Hong Kong – and they have to source fresh products locally. 

"Sandwiches, salads, tomatoes, lettuce, and other fresh fruit and veg are all locally sourced. There's a lot of variation in food safety standards in other countries so the challenge is always we "how do we take the M&S brand values to other countries so that we deliver on our promise?"

"My job is to take that integrity to a global audience. I spend lots of time in our cafes around the world, ensuring the food quality standards are right, that the operating standards are too. More than that though, I spend a lot of time visiting suppliers, ensuring the integrity of the complete supply chain, making sure it's up to our standards.  

"Nurturing relationships and keeping them going is key. Customers put their trust in us, so we only work with suppliers that we trust too. Over time, the investments we make in those relationships pay for themselves."


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