9 February, 2018


To gain a more in-depth understanding of the graduate opportunities at M&S, Huddersfield University students immersed themselves in the world of M&S.

“It was really good to learn about the range of graduate schemes available and it was a good opportunity to talk to graduates who had completed the process.” In addition to a variety of activities, M&S colleagues, who’d joined as graduates, gave presentations on their experience. “All of the people were extremely passionate and interesting to listen and talk to. Mike, the Director of Sustainable Business, gave a motivating and encouraging talk about his job, work experience, and his life at M&S.”

For many of the students, sustainability was a substantial highlight. “The whole experience was remarkable, and the talk from Mike was icing on the cake. I also learned what goes on behind the scenes within M&S: M&S’ sustainable and eco-friendly approach to everything they do and what makes this great company stand out.” Students even discovered that M&S’ sustainability heritage stretches further than they imagined, “I didn’t know that M&S was the first store that started charging money for plastic bags!”

Overall, the students had a wonderful day learning about the ins and outs of what makes a company like us tick. Now that they’ve been given a taster to what our graduate programmes entail, we hope to see them back again soon!


Inside M&S