19 August, 2019

Smarter Working, the M&S Way

We’re really excited about our approach to smarter working. To us, smarter working means so much more than just providing flexibility. It’s taking a different approach to collaboration, team work and management. We use the latest technology, introduce new tools and develop new processes to help us all collaborate more efficiently and effectively. That way we can all do our best work every day and enjoy a better work/life balance.

That’s Smarter Working at M&S. In a nutshell, a better way of working that delivers for the customer, for our people and for the wider team.

Smarter Working isn’t something we reflect in an employment contract, it’s about trusting each other to deliver. We want to give colleagues here a level of freedom to decide on what works best for them, their role, the customer and the team. It could mean basing yourself out of a local store, or using Skype for your meetings. It could be sitting outside for a meeting, ensuring you have the right people present and keeping your calendar up-to-date. Sometimes, it can even mean just not sitting at the same desk every day. It’s working in the way that helps you perform at your best ability.

But what does Smarter Working mean for our office space? We’ve created a flexible environment with a combination of solo working and collaborative spaces that help us all be more productive. From project benches to phone booths and focus pods, tech-enabled or not, there’s a space to suit every need. And personal lockers and wardrobes for your convenience.

Smarter Working gives you the freedom to pick the right space for you to be the most effective in your particular role. It gives you the responsibility to manage your own time and to make the right decisions for your team. But it also empowers you to make the choices that are right for you. Choices that can make us all work better, more productively, more efficiently.

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