3 November, 2016

Shine with M&S at Christmas: making memories that last a lifetime

Sarah joined M&S at our busiest time of year – Christmas – so her first impression was that it’s really hard work. “I remember my first day being really busy in store as it was Christmas,” she says. “I was really nervous, but excited to start my first day and it was over quickly.”

But even on that first day, her colleagues made her feel welcome. “I felt as though I’d been there for at least a couple of days – everyone was really nice.”

After that, Sarah soon got into the Christmas mood. “In fact, the funniest moment I’ve had so far was when I was working on the Christmas gift shop,” she says. “We had to create theatre in the store, so we dressed up in onesies – I was a panda, with an elf hair band and a Santa beard. The customers loved it and found it quite funny – they kept asking where to get them!”

The department she really wanted to join was Beauty, so she took her Beauty assessment and passed. It turned out to be incredibly rewarding. 
“Not long after I passed my beauty assessment, a lady came in and asked me if she could have some help with some makeup,” Sarah recalls. “She’d just finished her cancer treatment and didn’t know what products would be right for her. So I took her through everything step by step. When I’d finished, she said she felt so special and hadn’t felt like that since she started her treatment.”

The story didn’t end there. Three days later, the customer came back into the store with her daughter. “The daughter said that after her mum had been into M&S, she was so happy and felt amazing. They gave me some flowers and chocolates to say thank you. I felt really proud that spending that one hour with her mum had made her feel so much better.”

As well as making her customers feel good, Sarah enjoys working in the Beauty department for another reason: “My favourite M&S products are our branded beauty gifts from Leighton Denny & Stila. They’re great at Christmas.”


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