3 November, 2016

Shine with M&S at Christmas: a future in retail

With an overdraft to pay off after leaving university, James wanted a Christmas job where he could earn some much-needed cash. 

“I’d worked in bars and clubs throughout my time at university,” he says. “But I thought M&S would be a great company to work for and there’d be a fantastic atmosphere in the store going into the festive period.”

He admits that he was quite nervous on his first day. “But everyone was so helpful and friendly that it soon passed. Now, even though I haven’t been here that long, I’ve learned a lot about the stock and how everything works.”

In fact, one of the things he appreciates is learning on the job. “Everyone was very happy to help me, but they also let me learn how to do things for myself.”

He feels he must be getting something right – he’s already been nominated for an award. “I was nominated for a spotlight award for helping a customer choose an outfit for a wedding. It made my day that she went to a manager and mentioned my service.” 

What he really enjoys is making a positive impact on a customer’s day, such as when a customer asked him what colour shoes would go with a dress she was buying. 

“I showed her the shoes we had in store and picked out a pair that I thought would complement the dress – and she bought them!”

The extra money and the 20% discount have come in useful in the run up to Christmas. “I’ve taken advantage of the discount for food and gifts for Christmas, and with my overdraft to pay off, it’s been very handy.”

He’s enjoyed his experience at M&S so much, it’s got him considering his future career. “I’d love to become a permanent employee at M&S and I’ve been thinking about whether the graduate scheme would be something that I’d be interested in.”

In the meantime, he’s just enjoying his Christmas job – and his favourite M&S product: “I’ve always loved Percy Pigs and I think the Christmas ones are great!”

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