3 November, 2016

Shine with M&S at Christmas: A cut about the rest

Rosemary had 20 years’ experience of working with other retailers, but when she was looking for a Christmas job, M&S stood out. “I’ve always loved M&S,” she says. “And when I Googled other retailers, the M&S salary with extras was better, too.”

She admits to certainly enjoying taking advantage of those extras: “Using my discount card was a bonus. I took total advantage of it, putting bargains and treats away for Christmas. There were some really good savings.”

Starting out, she was amazed at the size of our Newcastle store. “But I soon settled in and got up to speed. My manager helped with that, as well as friendly colleagues throughout the store. And we were busy with lots of Christmas activity – I loved seeing all the new stock come in.”

The work was hard, she says, but the atmosphere was great. “It was a nice atmosphere and very upbeat. The demands of the business are paramount, but I work with a good team and we always shine through. It’s important to be happy – it helps with the stress levels!”

It helped that she enjoys being part of a team. “It’s the involvement and working together to achieve something that I like,” she says.

But when it comes to her proudest moment working here, there’s no contest. “That was when the Manager told me I was to be made permanent. I wanted to stay at M&S as I felt happy and settled here,” she admits. “In fact, I turned down three job offers from other companies who offered more money. So I felt extremely happy and lucky when I was told. I was ecstatic!”

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