3 November, 2016

Shine with M&S at Christmas: A Christmas job 2016 and beyond.

With a 10-month old baby, Gareth was looking for some much-needed cash to help look after his family over Christmas. 

“I used to work at BHS,” he explains. “So I’d heard that M&S was a great company to work for and they actively encourage great customer service, which is what I love doing. I just like helping people, both personally and professionally. It’s one of those things that I feel is missing from the world in general. If people just did one kind or helpful thing for someone, then the world would be a much better place.”

He’s already been putting his love of customer service to good use. “I spent two and a half hours helping one customer choose a suit for his brother’s wedding. He kept on thanking me and then told management how surprised he was that someone would take that amount of time to help a customer out. But that’s what I’m here for – to make customers happy.”

In his eyes, that means being honest with customers. “If a particular item of clothing doesn’t really suit a person, I’ll say so,” he says. “If I were the customer I wouldn’t want the assistant to just try to sell stock to me for the sake of it. I’d want someone who understands what I want and how to go about it.”

Gareth hasn’t just been making his mark in our Central Milton Keynes store. “As part of the event team, I recently worked on a fashion show, which was a great experience.”

It’s an experience that he’d like to continue. “My contract runs until March 2017, so I’m hoping that the event team’s kept on, as I really enjoy what I do.”

“I’m really having fun and looking forward to getting more festive as we move closer to Christmas. Even when it gets hectic, I try to make work fun, because if you enjoy your job you do it well.”

The extra money’s already coming in handy and he’s also been able to use his 20% staff discount. “I’ve bought a few bits and pieces from the food hall and my wife’s also taking advantage whilst the sale’s on.”

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