3 November, 2016

Shine with M&S at Christmas: 20% discount; the gift that keeps giving.

“For me, working for M&S is a dream come true,” says Sarah. “My late mum Margaret worked as a Christmas employee and praised it for its friendliness, exceptional quality and variety of clothing. Lots of friends used to joke about it being our store - M&S: Margaret and Sarah.”
Having worked at for another retailer as a Saturday girl, Sarah already had some customer service experience. And she proved she had what it takes on her very first day. 

“A couple came in to buy everything they needed to go to a wedding abroad,” she remembers. “I suggested different clothes and advised on colours and accessories, including make-up. By the end, they were fully kitted out. They were really happy and spoke to one of the managers. A few minutes later the manager came over and said the customers had been singing my praises!”

That wasn’t the only memorable customer service Sarah provided that Christmas. “I had to deal with a very angry customer whose Christmas food order was incomplete.  She was going to complain to head office, but I turned it around and she left much calmer. She even apologised and wished me a happy Christmas.”

She says this is at the heart of what she does at M&S: “My role is to provide an excellent customer experience. For example, one day I saw a customer in a wheelchair having difficulty reaching some clothing she was looking to buy for her husband. I helped her and she was so grateful.” Now that’s job satisfaction.

The extra money and the 20% staff discount came in handy at Christmas. “It helped to pay for a few little extras,” she says. “And better quality gifts for my family and friends. 

It also gave her the chance to show off her skills at the most challenging time of year. “I hoped they’d feel that I was up to their high standard and would invite me back.”

So when M&S offered her a permanent role, how did she feel? “I was ecstatic. I just felt privileged, proud and honoured that I’d met their high expectations.”

Inside M&S