7 August, 2019

Service and safety. Hand in hand.

Everyone is welcome at M&S, and we’re always looking for ways to create special moments that matter for our customers to enjoy.

Every day, our in-store colleagues help to create perfect journeys for our customers, from the moment they enter, to the moment they leave. To complement their work, we’ve created a brand new role – Service and Safety Customer Assistant.

Alongside providing a warm welcome, our Service and Safety Customer Assistants will add a new aspect of service, by taking a firm approach to tackling criminal behaviour in-store. We think these responsibilities go hand in hand to make every customer’s visit pleasurable, smooth and trouble free.

We’re recruiting new colleagues for these roles now. We’re looking for individuals with a background in customer-facing environments who also have the confidence to help deter crime, reduce risks and de-escalate confrontational situations.

This role will suit people who are outgoing and personable. Someone with experience in dealing with high-risk individuals and situations, and who also has a passion for customer service would be a good match. Security backgrounds are another possibility, but this is by no means a must as we will provide extensive training. What’s key is an ability to cope with, and diffuse, challenging situations. Colleagues in this role will be driven by doing the right thing to get things resolved quickly.

Someone who is confident, engaging and passionate about M&S, and who can work independently, will thrive. People who can adapt their style, posture and language. Those who can remain light-hearted and approachable at all times, taking the resolution of any situation in their stride.

This role is all about detail. Delivering great service while keeping a watchful eye on safety and loss-prevention, looking out for suspicious behaviour and being well-placed to cope with it.

If you meet these expectations, a very warm welcome awaits.

Inside M&S