3 March, 2016

Seeing your ideas come to life

“Knowing I’ve had direct input into improving the things we design and develop for our customers is great. But seeing it on the sales floor and getting positive customer reviews, is incredible.”

Innovation isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind with furniture. But at M&S, as with all our other product lines, it’s something we’re pursuing all the time. As one of our furniture product technologists, Dave’s doing all he can to bring the brightest and best technology to beautiful, crafted pieces that sit well in any home.

Dave sums up his role as ‘continual product improvement’ but with a customer focus. For him it’s about improving things for our customers; giving them the little touches that make an item a joy to own.     

“It’s a small thing, but I incorporated soft close doors and drawers into our Sonoma range. The feedback was immense. Customers loved it then and they still do.”

As well as these incremental improvements, Dave’s also been involved in some landmark projects that have earned him some industry awards. Notably the folding wardrobe for our Sonoma range, which through the clever use of hidden hinges, can be folded flat for moving. Not only was he awarded a Design Guild Mark for this piece, it also meant he scooped a coveted FIRA innovation award. 

“I was particularly proud of that one, but I could reel off quite a few that I think have made a real impact; bamboo fabrics and natural fillings for nursery mattresses; bamboo furniture; special quick clean glass for table tops; anti-bacterial finishes on mattresses; bounce back cushions that don’t change shape over time…the list goes on.”

It’s that quest for the next thing that will make a difference to our customers that Dave loves. And he feels it’s something that M&S give him the freedom to achieve.

“They support what I’m trying to do. They allow me to delight customers, make a difference to our business, and have a positive impact on our suppliers too.”

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