8 October, 2018


Despite our best intentions, we’ve all left our Christmas shopping to the last minute at one time or another. Perhaps something has slipped our mind, or we’ve just been too busy partying to hit the shops! Fortunately, there are people like Hazbije to save the day.

Hazbije is a Sales Advisor in the Christmas team at our Brent Cross store in London, working in Womenswear. She tell us: “It can be late on Christmas Eve and a customer comes in desperate to find a particular item. By that time we might be moving products off the shop floor, but I’ll always try and help them out as I know that one item might be the icing on their Christmas cake, so to speak! That might mean taking a customer’s mobile number and calling them when I’ve located what they want so they can get on with their other shopping. However, the smile and thanks I get makes it all worthwhile.”

But Hazbije has always been ready to help our customers in any way she can. “There are some customers who need a more tailored, personal experience, especially those who have a disability. Helping them takes more time than normal, but I really enjoy providing one-to-one advice.”

And Hazbije’s willingness to go the extra mile doesn’t go unnoticed. “It’s been great the way I’ve been treated by M&S. I’m not just regarded as ‘another temp’. My managers have always appreciated my hard work and made me feel special,” she says.

Hazbije was very familiar with M&S before she joined us and is proud to be part of our team. But she didn’t expect our stores to be quite as busy as they are in the run-up to Christmas. “It can be hectic and pressurised but there’s a very festive and positive buzz at this time of year which makes the challenge enjoyable. And the key thing is that everyone pulls together and helps each other out.”

So what’s Hazbije’s top tip for people looking to be part of our team at Christmas? “I prioritise tasks and try to get as much done as I can. It’s important to stay calm, whatever the situation – and a positive attitude goes a long way, too.”

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