5 November, 2014

Our Commitment to Integrity

Janiece, Recruitment Coordinator from Braehead tells us how our commitment to integrity means we can change people's lives

"I've been buddying through the 'Marks & Start' and' Make Your Mark' programmes for the past three years, helping young people do their placements, getting them into stores and hopefully getting them jobs. 

"I enjoy the change in people's lives. A lot of these kids have had the wrong start in life and feel there is no future. Last year we had 18 young kids from 16-24 years old join the programme.

"I remember interviewing one particular boy for a placement. He had been in and out of trouble from age 16 onwards and had no outlook on life - he just thought that was it, he was going to be in trouble for the rest of his life. He started the interview by telling me that he didn't know why he was bothering, he didn't think he'd get through and nobody would give him a chance. I was able to stop him and let him know that with the right attitude we would give him a chance. I said let's see how you come across. From that day onwards we could see something in him, we could see how amazing he was.

"He got onto the placement and I think he was quite overwhelmed, and when I offered him a job he was almost in tears. Then when he came to work for us later in the year, at Christmas, I saw him as a different person. He was skipping around and saying good morning. I don't think he'd had a great deal of enthusiasm in his life before.

"I've also been lucky enough to mentor three profoundly deaf women who are now permanent members of the ladies wear team. They had only ever mixed within the deaf community and had been out of work for a long time and so they thought they wouldn't be suitable to work at M&S. Actually when they came onto the placement and we mentored them, we were able to help them see that they could work here.

"I'm really proud. We give a lot back to the community. We give people another outlook on life. I think customers realise that we do things like this - when they meet different people like hearing impaired ladies on the shop floor, they realise that Marks & Spencer are very diverse and we give everyone a chance."

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