9 March, 2018

Mother’s Day at M&S

Thanks to Frances’ family, our M&S stores have never been short of a wise and caring matriarch. In 1969, her mother joined our team, who was eventually followed by her big sister. And that’s not even mentioning all the aunts, nieces and cousins of hers that have helped us over the years. Then, in 1982, Frances got a Saturday job here to make some extra money while she was still at school.

“36 years later I’m pleased to say I’m still here!”

Frances is Food Section Manager in our Malone store, Belfast. And her daughters have gone on to follow in her footsteps. Her eldest, Sarah, works as a Section Manager elsewhere in the business, while her youngest, Clare, works alongside her mum as a Section Coordinator in Malone.

“I feel very proud of my girls and what they have achieved; it’s great to see them grow as individuals.”

With such a strong, loyal customer base in Malone, Frances reveals how she and her daughter try to make every moment special for them.

“I take pride in what we do – we always try to work as a team, which as a Simply Food store is crucial to our success. We are in a quite affluent area of Belfast, so our customers expect the best standards of presentation and service.”

Despite Belfast becoming a vibrant tourist attraction, Frances says all the warmth, friendliness and tremendous ‘craic’ has remained in the community. And that feel good factor will carry into stores on Mother’s Day.

“There are four sets of mothers with a son or daughter in my store alone – quite a lot from just 60 colleagues! We’re planning a special weekend treat for our in-store mums!”

And as well as all the fun, families and co-workers will spend time together giving something back to those in need.

“On Mothers’ Day weekend, we’re holding a special ‘bag pack’ in aid of our store charity, which is in memory of a colleague who sadly passed away last year.”

At M&S, there’s time for laughs – and maybe the odd tear – but ultimately it’s a place where you can build a career, do something that matters, and share special moments with people you care about. Frances says it all.

“I was able to enjoy seeing my children grow up at a point where I wanted to a progress within the business. If you’re prepared to work hard, the opportunity to learn and succeed is there!”

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