4 September, 2017

Meet our Moment Makers: Lynette loves how our stores look over the festive season

At that most wonderful time of the year, our store team loves their work more than ever. Lynette recalls the festive season for us. “Christmas is so exciting with all the new products and the store decorations,” she says. “I love giving people suggestions to help them with their gifts. I can really make a difference.”

Lynette enjoys how colourful and full of energy it all is. That’s not the only time she gets to make people feel special, though. “A lady came in wanting a dress that she hadn’t been able to buy online. I found a store that had it in stock and made sure she got it in time for a wedding. She was so pleased, she came in afterwards to give me flowers.”

Our teams are dedicated to providing outstanding service every time. Lynette knows we really value the effort they make. “People have done special things for me too. My regional manager once gave me some flowers and I’ve had praise from the Bank. Once, I won an award for doing a great job, and my prize was an invitation to the Brits.”

It doesn’t all happen on the shop floor, of course. Even at the busiest times, business has to happen as usual. Lynette tells us, “What customers don’t see are all the launches, the stock take and the planning that goes into the sales – sometimes all in the same week!”

It can be quite hard work, especially at Christmas, but that’s why we make sure the rewards are amazing. As well as the festive atmosphere, extra cash, and possibly a permanent role, our temporary staff enjoy the same 20% staff discount card that our full-timers have. Lynette knows what means the most to her. “As well as things for the home, I buy food and gifts for family and friends.”

No matter what your reason for joining, you could be a great addition to our Christmas team. Apply here.

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