20 September, 2017

Meet our Moment Makers: Luke

You can tell when it’s Christmas at M&S by the number of people dressing up. Luke tells us, “We had a staff engagement evening to showcase new lines for Christmas, and I and my colleagues in Kidswear decided to wear onesies and sleepwear. Mine was a gorilla one, and the picture still makes me laugh!”

Gorillas may not be the first things that spring to mind about the festive period, but Luke and the team clearly found a great way to let their other colleagues know what was available.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t always this outgoing. “When I started two years ago, I was incredibly shy and had no experience in retail. M&S has allowed me to develop myself – it’s really brought me out of my shell.”

We could vouch for that, as it’s not the only time Luke has been spotted on the floor in a onesie. “I was wearing one again when I was demonstrating a fish-shaped bubble blowing machine. By the afternoon, I’d sold out of all of them, and it created a great atmosphere on the sales floor.”

Luke describes the Christmas atmosphere as excitable – everyone’s happy and it lifts the mood across the floor. So how did he feel when he was told as a Christmas temp that we’d like him to join us permanently? “Very privileged. It shows that I’ve worked hard and I’m trusted.”

“My line manager, Sarah, has helped me develop my skills, which has made me gain a lot of confidence. She believed in me enough to work late by myself one night so that all new packs were merchandised and inspirational. She put a lot of trust in me and recognised me for the work.”

Luke’s immediate future is university. Which means his 20% staff discount has come in handy. “I’ve bought things like food and also presents for family, and I’m going to get all my essential bedding from M&S before the big move.”

People join us in a temporary job for Christmas for all sorts of reasons – the atmosphere, the extra cash and the discount. Sometimes there’s a permanent role at the end of it too. Find out more and apply here.

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