4 September, 2017

Meet our Moment Makers: in the heart of the Christmas tree forest

Liz was creating special moments even before her induction began. “I was at the Information Desk waiting for training on my very first day, and within seconds I was helping a lady find a trolley!”

Christmas is always a busy time of year, but Liz believes that’s when teamwork is at its best and finest. “I have very happy memories of my first Christmas working at M&S. I think of glowing, twinkly lights, seasonal music, happy smiles and content customers,” she says. “We even have a variation to the deli counter and café uniforms with a festive red making an appearance.”

“I also remember the Christmas tree forest around the store – so much colour in the middle of winter. There’s party food and drink tasting for our customers - and for staff, we have a very special free Christmas themed lunch with live entertainment.”

Liz loves how festive and fun the M&S at Cheshire Oaks is, and how the whole family can enjoy a shopping experience together. But what else stands out for her? The 20% discount. “Where to start… my life looks, feels and tastes amazing! M&S is my favourite place to shop. My apartment has lots of soft furnishings like cushions and throws, bedding and towels from M&S and I’m dressed top to toe in a range of our collection labels – everything from M&S Collection to Per Una to Limited Edition to Autograph.”

Some team members find that a temporary job for the season can even lead to a permanent role. Liz was no exception, and here’s how she felt about it. “Absolutely over the moon and really positive about the future – I feel safe and secure for the first time in years - and so thankful I can earn a really good salary. I’m a heart and soul kind of girl and I’ve given my jobs everything over the years.”

Whether you join because of the atmosphere, the staff discount or simply the extra cash, you could be a great addition to our temporary team. Apply here.

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