20 September, 2017

Meet our Moment Makers: Haleemah

Haleemah had never applied for a job before he applied to us. “I’ve always loved shopping at M&S – still do! – and felt that they had a different way to connect with their customers. At the busiest time of year, it would be my chance to connect with more too.”

Sometimes that connection is a memorable one. Haleemah tells us, “A customer came in looking for a particular cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday in a few days’ time. Unfortunately, we were out of stock.”

“I took her mobile number and promised I would give her a call as soon as it came in. I put it aside safely when it arrived, and the customer was so thankful I’d gone out of my way to help. I felt quite proud of myself – M&S teaches you to put the customer before everything else. Seeing her happy made me happy too.”

Great moments happen the other way around as well. What was Haleemah’s? “My manager, Rob, has helped me learn lots of skills at work. Through positive and negative feedback, I’ve learned to make real improvements. He pushes me to do my best and prove to myself I can do even better.”

Feedback and encouragement always help, and so do the rewards. “It’s great that we get 20% discount on all M&S products,” says Haleemah. “My family has shopped with M&S for years now, so to be able to get that was lovely. I use my staff discount almost every day – and with the Sparks card I get even more offers.”

As this is the first job Haleemah applied for, and she was only 17 when she joined, we asked her what she’d take from the experience. “M&S has really taught me to be independent and to take responsibility myself. I feel like I can now take on a big task and know that I’ll be able to finish it.”

Whether it’s your first ever role or your next move, a temporary job on our Christmas team could mean extra cash, a great atmosphere, 20% discount and maybe even a permanent role. Find out more here.

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