4 September, 2017

Meet our Moment Makers: finding the right-sized festive dress

Everyone at M&S has moments that really stand out in their memory. When Amrit joined us in a temporary job one Christmas, she saved a customer who really needed help.

“He came in just before closing time on Christmas Eve with a beautiful red dress he’d bought for his wife to wear on Christmas Day. Sadly, he discovered that he’d bought the wrong size!”

“We searched high and low, looked through sale items, and then I spotted that another customer was returning the exact dress in the size we needed. My customer was so chuffed that he couldn’t stop thanking me – he said we’d saved his life. It made his day, but it made mine too.”

Amrit started with us at the age of 17 and has some great memories of that time. “Before, I didn’t realise just how festive it is here for the staff and the customers. There’s music playing, and beautiful decorations and trees around the store. There’s always something going on, whether it’s Christmas carolling or fashion shows. The atmosphere is amazing – it’s difficult to put it into words.”

Of course, it can still be a bit daunting on your first day, and Amrit remembers that well. “I was super nervous and didn’t know what to expect. But everyone was so lovely and welcoming and assured me they were always there if I ever needed anything. In fact, it’s impossible to have a bad day at work as everyone is always so positive and open.”  

And how does Amrit describe the 20% discount? “Whether it’s a new top or your weekly shopping, you’ll always find use for the ‘magic card’!”

Whether you join because of the atmosphere, the staff discount or simply the extra cash, you could be a great addition to our temporary team. Apply here.

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