20 September, 2017

Meet our Moment Makers: Erlina

Erlina has known and trusted our brand since she was a teenager in Indonesia. And she doesn’t just extend her generosity to customers over the Christmas and New Year season. “As I’m a Muslim I don’t celebrate it myself, so I like to do more shifts over Christmas so that others can spend that time with their families.”

When we asked Erlina what her main responsibility is at work, we thought she’d say something about amazing products or being part of a team. Instead, she tells us, “It’s to make every moment special for our customers.”

We needed to know more, and she was happy to tell us. “I’m a Suit Advisor in Menswear, which means I get to spend time with customers to fit them with a suit and offer advice.”

“One day I saw an elderly couple who seemed to need help – the gentleman was in a wheelchair. He had just been given the all-clear from cancer and he wanted a suit so that they could go for a meal for their 50th anniversary. None of his fitted any more.”

“I fitted him in a suit, complete with shirt and shoes, and he saw himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe how good he looked - he said his wife could see him as a man again rather than someone with cancer. They said they felt like they had fallen in love all over again. It was such a special moment.”

That was obviously a rewarding experience for Erlina. What else does she enjoy? “New products and the sale! I love having early access to new clothes and the fashion trends for that season. I also think it is a privilege to know what’s going to be in the sale and when it will start.”

We’re sure that the 20% staff discount comes in very handy. “Oh yes! I do a weekly shop in the Biggleswade retail park store and I regularly buy women’s fashion,” she says. “I took part in a fashion show that we did for customers in the Cambridge store and loved some of the products so much, I had to buy them! The 20% discount is very generous and I get 20% off the sale price as well.”

Whether you’re fashion-conscious or not, a temporary job during the Christmas season could mean you enjoy generous staff discount too, plus extra cash and maybe even a permanent role afterwards. Find out more here.

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