20 September, 2017

Meet our Moment Makers: Emma

When Emma joined us as a Christmas temp, she was at college. She’d always go shopping there with her family and everyone spoke highly of M&S. Now they all speak highly of Emma, because she’s Store Manager in Cambridge.

“I started off as a Customer Assistant in Colchester store,” she recalls. “I was trained by a lady called Julie on the Women’s Per Una department; she took me under her wing and taught me everything I needed to know.”

“Julie still lets customers and staff know how proud of me she is. She even tells new staff being inducted into M&S about me to inspire them to have a career like mine.”

Emma’s career path took her from the shop floor to the A-Level Trainee Management Scheme, on to commercial management and then to store management. In just her second role as store manager, she took a dual-site store through a multimillion-pound development to combine them into one.

“I’ve loved every part of my M&S journey from customer assistant to store manager,” Emma says. “I’ve met some amazing people over the years who have invested so much time in me and wanted me to be successful.”

“I believe people work for people, and I’ve been very fortunate to have been surrounded by great M&S employees. I’ve had so many career opportunities given to me and so many doors opened - I think they have allowed my passion and commitment to drive me, and it was never about a qualification. For me, M&S has the best training platform to be successful.”

Is there anything surprising about Emma’s current role? “I play a large part in supporting the region with leading Customer Service, and I manage section manager resourcing across five stores. My favourite part of the job – a lot of people wouldn’t know this – is that I mentor five managers in stores and head office to support their career paths.”

It’s great to know that Emma is helping other people in their careers just as she was supported with hers. And she’s living proof that a Christmas temp job can take you anywhere.

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