11 May, 2018

Maureen celebrates 50 years at M&S

It was 1967 when Maureen started working at M&S in her home town of Kirkcaldy. 10 years later, she was promoted and started working in Dundee where she’s worked ever since.

“I first joined M&S as a sales assistant in Kirkcaldy, starting out work at just 15 years old. I then was given the opportunity to come up here and become a Section Manager 10 years later, at just 25 years old,” she said.

Maureen describes M&S Dundee as a family, and soon her own family grew too. “I’ve got my husband who works here full time, he’s been here about 20 years now,” she said. “We have two daughters and they both worked here while at university. So, at one point there were the four of us in here working.”

When Maureen was pregnant she thought she wouldn’t be able take care of her daughter and continue working full time. “The manager at that time said, ‘you can’t leave, how are we going to manage without you!’,” Maureen said. “So, she essentially said ‘when you come back, there will be a job here for you’. We worked together to find what worked best for me and decided on 12 hours instead of the 39 that I was previously doing.”

It was the M&S culture and the people who worked here that kept Maureen going. “I think it’s just the spirit we have in the company, which comes right from the top.”

Maureen’s 50-year milestone was marked with a large staff celebration in store, before a first-class trip with her husband to London at M&S’s expense. “It was fabulous, it made me feel so special,” she said.

On behalf of everyone here at M&S, we would like to thank Maureen, for all the years she’s dedicated to us. And hopefully many more to come!

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