22 August, 2016

Master Barista; Profiling Steven

Before Steven joined the M&S team, he was an M&S customer. And he’s taken that experience into his job.

“As a customer, I always had the feeling that everything mattered, however small the detail, and since the day I became an employee I’ve similarly strived for excellence,” he explains. “The best thing about my job are our customers – that’s certainly what I’ve found out moving from being a Chef back of house to a front of house Café role. What I like is that every customer is different, and you get to meet so many funny characters daily that your interpersonal skills improve no end.”

In his time at M&S, Steven’s career has moved on rapidly and he’s now a Master Barista, which he rates as his greatest achievement. We helped Steven by arranging for him to attend the Matthew Algie Coffee School. Not only has this benefitted Steven personally but given him a knowledge of coffee he can share with others and enabled him to live our values.

“Every day I inspire other Baristas to improve their latte art. I set them a weekly challenge to do better than they did the week before. And I’ve helped another Master Barista to create a drink for the Barista of the Year competition. I also go out of my way to help customers with any Café-related queries. It’s all paid off, too. We’ve recently introduced new coffee audits nationwide and I’m proud to say that our team has achieved 100%!”

Coffee shops have become a near necessity for modern life and our Cafés provide a fantastic environment for customers to unwind after shopping in our bustling stores. Our Master Barista programme goes from strength to strength and we’re always looking to improve the standard of our drinks to become the best coffee house on the high street. Steven takes his role seriously in making the whole operation run smoothly, but he still has time for some fun.

“I remember that for our Macmillan coffee morning our Café Assistants decided to dress up as Disney characters. I showed up as Snow White. That certainly raised a few eyebrows… and gave a few children nightmares!” he laughs. “That was a one-off, but there are always activities going on. We play football and we’ve got a tournament coming up soon. And our Christmas parties are not to be missed.”

So which of our coffee products would Steven recommend for the morning after the Christmas party?

“Our triple certified coffee beans,” he replies without hesitation. “It’s absolutely amazing!”

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