17 August, 2017

Looking back, looking ahead.

We know that the heritage of M&S is one of the big draws for new hires – but once they start with us, our people are keen to look ahead rather than back to the past.

As a recent recruit to the business, Izzy is a perfect example. As she describes, “I’m proud to be a fourth-generation shopper of M&S. I was lucky enough to visit the M&S Archive in Leeds to explore the businesses legacy, it’s brought to life 133 years of history and the influence M&S has had on the way we live today! Everyone’s got a bit of M&S in them, that’s what I love about the business, and that’s what influenced me to join.”

Now Izzy is working with us as a Trainee Commercial Manager, her focus is very much on the future – both in her day-to-day responsibilities and in terms of her career development.

“I’m currently working within the Finance and Operations Department. Really key to the departments’ success is forward planning, looking ahead, beginning discussions and decision making well in advance. It pays to be pro-active!”

The range of responsibilities we give to trainees on the Commercial Management scheme are carefully designed to develop the skills, experience, knowledge and confidence to grow rapidly into a management role.

“That’s the essence that makes the Commercial Trainee role so fascinating, “Izzy explains, “It deals with the less obvious responsibilities of retail – from costs to facilities management, logistical challenges for the store and its day-to-day operation, resolving and mitigating any issues”.

The scheme also gives trainees plenty of scope to learn from senior colleagues. “I’ve already been exposed to a multitude of different leadership styles and Managers within the business and therefore been given the opportunity to establish and expand my existing skill set and style of working.”

This means that although Izzy has only been with us a short time, she already has big ambitions for the future, “In five years, I hope to be successfully driving the business’ objectives through my own team, supporting my colleagues and all staff to be the best they possibly can be. I’ll always want to see the business grow and move forward, and I’m looking forward to playing my part in the continuous improvement of M&S.”

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