1 December, 2017

Looking ahead to keep customers happy

Suzannah is an Employee Services Operations Manager at our Manchester office. This means she runs the teams that make sure all of our in-store colleagues have the right contractual data, relating to things such as hours and pay.

“We’re one big team, so we often support each other. It’s a great collective effort - almost everyone’s trained in more than one area, so we can be really flexible to ensure we put our customers’ needs first. We genuinely care about our employees and customers.”

It’s a far cry from her first job at an M&S store in 2006, when she joined as a university graduate. Since then, she’s had a number of different roles across the business. “Each one’s been a new challenge and has enabled me to learn different skills. It always surprises me that, although I’ve worked in the business for a long time, I still learn new things about it every day.”

Taking on so many different roles could have been daunting, but she says she always had support from her line managers, particularly when she had to take on new tasks. Now, in her current role, she appreciates the opportunity to return the favour by supporting colleagues across the business.

“I work with a team that’s really passionate about the brand and serving our colleagues,” Suzannah says. “We understand that even though we aren’t customer facing, everyone we deal with is. By having a positive impact on every employee, we can help customers, too.”

She also enjoys the positive effect M&S can have on local communities. As she explains, when we recently opened a new store, it wasn’t just the M&S team who were buzzing about it. “People in the area were stopping and looking as the store was being built, and on the first day we had so many locals through the door.”

Supporting customers and communities like this is one of the main aspects of life at M&S that stands out for Suzannah. “There have been so many instances where colleagues have gone above and beyond to support communities and individuals going through difficult times. It really makes me proud to be part of M&S.”

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