1 November, 2017

Looking ahead to keep customers happy

As a Customer Experience Manager in the Retail Operations team at our London office, Joey helps to ensure the in-store experience for every one of our customers is the best it can be.

Not surprisingly, he appreciates the variety this gives him in his role. “One minute we can be trying to develop a solution to improve our customer experience and the next we could be reacting to an issue that’s arisen. There are so many opportunities to broaden your skills in roles that you wouldn’t think exist, but they’re all vital in running the business.”

Joey’s career with M&S started as soon as he was old enough to work, when he joined our Bluewater store as a part-time Customer Assistant. This was where his passion for giving customers a great experience started. One day, a lady collected a wedding cake for her daughter, but had a fall with it outside the store. “Obviously, our main concern was the customer’s wellbeing,” says Joey. “But we also made sure we got a replacement cake ready, just in time for the big day!”

He admits that he didn’t really know a huge amount about the company or working in retail when he first joined M&S, but he soon started to learn all about it. “I quickly learned to love the pace of change. It can sometimes be a challenge, but I really appreciate the responsibility I have to make decisions. And when I understood more about the business, its products, its people and its history, I knew it was the right place for me.”

When he went to study a Business Management degree, he spent his year in industry working for M&S, which gave him valuable management experience. After graduating in 2015, he joined us in a full-time role, which, he says, has enabled him to build on his skills further. “Working at M&S has developed me into a very different, more well-rounded person. It’s given me a number of opportunities to develop skills I’d have previously avoided, such as people management and presentation skills.”

So, how far is he looking ahead? “A long way – and I’ll definitely be at M&S! As for which role I’ll be in, that’s a difficult call. There are so many opportunities around the business.”

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