25 August, 2016

Knowing her onions

People love talking about M&S food – and when they do, it’s often Kelly they talk to. She’s part of the Food Team at Retail Customer Services Chester where she responds to phone calls, emails and sometimes letters about anything related to our food products. Do we stock it? How do you cook it? What does it go with? And when you think that we have so many different food items in our stores and online, Kelly really has to know her stuff.

“I love my job,” she says with enthusiasm. “Every query, every contact, every day is different. We receive lots of positive feedback from our customers about how much they enjoy our food. Occasionally though, a customer has had a bad experience and I work my colleagues to get to the reason why – it’s really satisfying when I can put M&S back into people’s hearts by turning a negative experience into a positive one that the customer will share with friends. It’s also my job to let my colleagues in the Food Business Unit know what our customers are saying and I talk to them on a daily basis – it all adds to the variety of my role.”

M&S food continues to grow in popularity and Kelly is busy all year round. “So many customers visit our stores and website, but Christmas is extra busy as people treat themselves. And, of course, the more food we sell, the more contacts we receive.”

Retail Customer Services in Chester fields queries on everything from the availability of a jumper to the safety of skincare products. Kelly shares information with colleagues across the centre. “Within our office, there’s often a food-related call or email which a colleague is unable to answer. We then step in and point them in the right direction.”

Kelly spent five years working at a bookmakers before she joined M&S initially on a temporary basis before going permanent.

“In Retail Customer Services Chester we have a great team spirit, and I work with so many lovely people. We always have fun along the way; we recently celebrated the Rio Olympics 2016 by holding our very own ‘Lolympics’ and everyone in the office had the chance to take part.”

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