23 January, 2018

Keeping people at the heart of M&S

Shelley is a Senior Advisor on the food team in Chester. Working closely with food suppliers and the food technical team, her role revolves around the accuracy of product data. It’s also her job to respond and action Customer Service queries – making sure to keep the right balance of what’s right for the customer, M&S and food suppliers.

“Here, we really do care about our customers and what they have to tell us. M&S has strong ethics and the amount of quality control measures and the high standards set are really eye opening – you really see it reflected in the reports too.”

It was this caring attitude that really hooked Shelley from the start. It was her mum who told her of M&S’ great reputation, and she’s been thanking her ever since. “I was expecting a company that looks after its employees, and that’s what I got. We have a fantastic team dynamic in food, if someone is having a tough day there’s always someone there to support you. I recently had some sad family news and the team were fantastic, they made sure my tasks were covered and offered reassurance. And a donation of M&S jam donuts on my desk on my return to work – what more could you ask for!”

Before going over to the food team, Shelley worked across many areas of the business. She’s been a Customer Service Advisor and a Team Manager, worked in the Executive Office and looked after recruitment, training and operational deliveries. Whether it’s on the customer or employee side, people have always been at the heart of her career. “The customer is the most important thing no matter what area you are in so you have to have a genuine care for people.”

“I’m currently a Business Involvement Group representative and find this extremely rewarding. I feel honoured that I can support colleagues in sometimes very difficult or emotive situations. It’s great to feel like you’ve made a difference to someone’s day, sometimes in the smallest way.”

The most memorable moment in her time at M&S was when they introduced the Croloaf, “a loaf of croissant”. Never mind the fact that she met her husband at work, the Croloaf was the turning point. “Come on – it’s a loaf of croissant that you can slice up and pop in your toaster! Outstanding.”

But above all, it was becoming the Academy Team Manager that was her biggest achievement. “I was very proud to be the face of our recruitment and interview processes, as well as looking after our new starters and their induction into M&S.” 

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