7 March, 2018

It’s a family affair

There are a few people with family connections in our store. So myself and my family aren’t especially unusual in this regard. We all work in different areas of the business but all of us feel that M&S has family values at its core. I’m the Section Manager for the Children’s Wear, Lingerie and Beauty department and I love working with the public across these three distinct areas. It gives myself and the team a great opportunity to ensure that every customer interaction is special. It also means that no two days are the same.

The variety in my role is what I love best about it; there’s always something new to learn and I enjoy developing my team's knowledge too. This enables them to pass it on to our customers. I’d say that we’re a pretty close-knit store and we’ve forged great ties with the local community. I’m in the process of setting up a link with the local MacMillan Centre to allow us to give the right support and advice to our customers as they go through a challenging time in their lives.

We like to get involved in fundraising too, for example, and we’ve decorated a local women's refuge and lent a hand with beach cleaning. We’re also keen supporters of the Plan A waste initiative, which is a company-wide drive to minimise our impact on the environment.

There is a genuine passion and friendliness about the store. We pride ourselves on giving a warm, welcoming experience to our customers. For Mother’s Day, for instance, we’ll make sure that all mums visiting us on the day are wished a happy Mother's Day and we’ll be giving out a few treats to make them feel special. This extends to our own staff too. We’ll have an afternoon tea in Café Refresh for all those mums who are working. At home, many of us will be treated to lunch or dinner on the Sunday.

Inverness is such a beautiful city, it’s great for bringing up your family and has seen such growth in the last few years. It really is the place to be. After 26 years here, I can honestly say I have never had a single regret about joining M&S. The core values that we represent have ensured that it’s a great place to work and your ambitions can be realised from the ground up or through the graduate scheme.

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