17 January, 2020

If you like Data – M&S is the perfect place to work!

With a degree in Physics, Nicholas has always enjoyed problem solving using numbers – a skill which he is now using in his role as a Product Owner in Clothing & Home Product Development to help M&S become a truly digital-first business.

“There are a lot of big business problems that we can really use data to solve. When you look at how M&S is investing in Digital & Data currently with growth of new teams and the introduction of new data tools, you know the potential to solve those problems for the business is massive.”

Working in data at M&S

“I originally came to M&S in a forecasting (Clothing & Home) position, and recently I have been promoted to product owner. Now I spend a lot of time working with people across clothing and home to really pull in requirements for developments that are needed on our system.”

“We do a lot of proof of concepts. These are quick bits of analysis to prove that something is a good idea or not. We also use it to build the business case and also track the development and the benefits of it.”

Putting trust in data

“The business has had a culture of gut feel decisions rather than analysis but now a lot of work is being done through our new Digital & Data team to try and improve that. I think us as a Digital & Data community really need to push forward so that people really trust data and we can use it properly. So if you like data M&S is the perfect place to come!”

A fun & collaborative work environment

As our Digital & Data teams continue to grow, so do the opportunities to share learnings across departments. A really sociable bunch who are keen to meet up, the Digital and Data teams host really cool regular events like monthly hangouts, coffee and coding learning sessions, Charity Data Drives and even a 24 hour Hackathon (the first of which was introduced last year).

Nicholas loves this part of his job as it is something which not only creates an exciting and fun workplace but helps kick start some really great projects.

“Outside of my main role I am heavily involved in organising Data events. I’ve helped organise the Charity Data Drive, and also helped organise our first ever 24 hour Hakathon. We actually got some real tangible benefit out of that and there’s a few projects that are now in flight and being developed off the back of that. Also just seeing everyone there having a really good time, it is really, really rewarding.”

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