12 January, 2016

Going above and beyond the call of duty

Customer Assistant Louisa has been proving herself in all sorts of ways since she joined us from another big retailer. Today, she’s a Coach as part of our Café team. She also helps to control our food tills at peak times to ensure that customers always get the best possible experience. But it’s Louisa’s passion for going above and beyond – and her skills as a Dementia Champion – that have really set her apart.  

“As a Dementia Champion, I’ve been able to deal with difficult situations correctly and professionally. For example, I’d become very friendly with a couple who were customers in the Café. The wife had dementia which was getting worse. I took the wife to her hospital appointment when she refused to go with her husband, and I’d sit with her in the Café so her husband could shop. I also invited them both to Christmas Dinner at home to give them a break. This led to me winning the overall service award at this year’s M&S Spotlight Awards – that’s definitely been my biggest achievement here and, alongside becoming a mum to my two boys, my proudest moment.” 

Louisa says one thing that influenced her decision to join M&S was the fact that she already knew people who were working for us.

“Because of them, I knew that this would be a good company to work for and I’ve definitely found that to be the case since I started. It’s a very caring company. It cares for its people, its customers and the environment.”

Since moving to the Café from our Lingerie department, Louisa has been developing fast. 

“When I first joined the Café, I developed a real passion for coffee – if I had to pick my favourite M&S product, it would definitely be coffee from the Café! This passion led to me training to be a Master Barista before moving on to the Café Coach role. I like that I get to meet different people each week and that no two days are the same – I love that variety. I’ve now passed the Section Coordinator assessment, so I’m just waiting for a suitable role to become available.”

Louisa finds the M&S culture to be collaborative and supportive. 

“I have some great colleagues and when we all work as a team, it’s brilliant. We have sports and social groups that run activities for us and you can ask for help whenever you need it – people here are always happy to answer your questions.”

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