25 October, 2016

Getting to know... Billy

Everyone that works at M&S is an individual. That’s why we hired them. We spotted something in them that made us say yes to them. Behind every person in every role is a personality. Meet Billy.

1.    Tell us about your biggest ambition

I used to want to be the best at what I enjoyed; I wanted to own the most successful business. I now just strive for improvement for myself. I want to be in a position where I am truly happy with what I have achieved and where I am.

2.    Who was your favourite teacher at school and how did they inspire you?

My favourite teacher was my PE teacher. I never enjoyed sport previously but after being pushed my teacher I got involved and learnt I really did enjoy it. I ended up training regularly and joining the rugby and football team. I continued with PE through to A level. This teacher became my tutor and taught me a lot and made me the person I am.  He motivated me to try new things, break comfort zones and improve myself for the better.

3.    As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I wanted to be the new Richard Branson- a Dragon on Dragons Den. I always wanted to sell and I wanted to be the person who was known for always selling the best most innovative products. 

4.    What do you see as your major strength? 

Confidence with people/ People skills- I can take control and lead a team successfully and hang fire when leadership isn’t necessary. Being able to make people want to work for you is difficult but if you manage it you can achieve huge things. Understanding people and what they want so you can make their time as enjoyable as yours.

5.    What is your proudest moment – in work and outside of work?

I went to South Africa to work with a Charity called Dance Aid where I spent time with Children affected by Aids and HIV. Being able to cheer them up for at least one day and or make a difference to their lives was incredible. Helping someone at work develop themselves from when they were in a position where they struggled and got themselves into trouble and then managed to turn it around and ended up being one of the most useful members of the team.


6.    What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Who gave it and how have you put it to good use.

Treat others how you’d like to be treated. It has taught me to be respectful for others which have led to my teams having respect for me. I would never expect them to do something if I wouldn’t and sometimes getting stuck in and leading the way rather than directing it is the only way. 
Being able to demonstrate the attitude you aspect gains yourself respect.

7.    Tell us something unexpected about you. 

I used to be a professional dance where I would travel teaching and performing hip hop and break-dance in a group. We visited LA, South Africa the Philippines and many UK cities.

8.    What are the most important things to you in life – aside from family and friends (that goes without saying). 

Improving myself- being the best I can be. I like success and I like to see improvement. Being able to have a significant effect on my job and others at my job and my life in general pushes me to do my best. Having or being more than I started with gives me huge pride.

9.    What would you be doing now if you hadn’t made it into the School Leaver programme?

I would have got a job somewhere- saved some money- bought some stuff and tried to sell it on- I would have tried to find a day job but look for something that interests me and where I could see potential growth. 

10.    Which M&S value – Innovative, Inspiration, In Touch, Integrity – do you most identify with and why? 

Inspiration- I think I lead my teams as a role model as well as inspiring my colleagues- being challenging and involved pushes for a better outcome.
Being a figure that your team looks up to gives me pride and creates unity in a team.

11.    What motto do you live your life by?

Positivity. I am very positive and live my life off of it. Ive been told I am too laid back as I rarely get upset however I look for the lesson from a bad situation and look at how I can be a better person because of something like that.

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