9 March, 2018

Difficulty choosing mum a gift? Fear not, Sally is here

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and to Sally, it is always an exciting time. The celebration of mothers and motherhood goes back thousands of years and today people from across the globe still uphold these traditions. It’s important to show mums the love they deserve - but choosing the perfect gift can be a challenge. What’s more, anticipating what kind of gifts will be popular each year and making sure customers have plenty of options to choose from is no small-feat.

To Sally, M&S Buyer, Mother’s Day is always an exciting time. Sally’s career journey has definitely made her an expert at predicting what products people will be on the lookout for each year.

“I come from a Product Development background. Before I started at M&S, I worked across jewellery, accessories and bags. The places I worked at were supplying M&S, so I got to know the M&S team very well and became interested in the Buyer role,” Sally explains.

And what does it mean to be a Buyer at M&S?

“Being a Buyer is something else. It’s for the bold and the adventurous. You have to be reactive, quick on your feet and consistently push the boundaries in your ranges. What’s more, you have to know your trends, know your catwalks and understand your price ranges. You also have to be a team player - teamwork is essential across our function because we work alongside Press, Marketing, Visual Merchandising and others, to deliver the key messages and strategy each season.

"Jewellery peaks for Mother's Day and it's an amazing feeling, knowing the smiles your product will bring. This year we have looked at how we can highlight our amazing products so we have put beautiful display tables to showcase the perfect gifts to our customers. We have also introduced a new customisation range, a capsule collection of ‘Create Your Own’ jewellery. What this means is, you can choose from a necklace or bracelet and add one or more charms and initials to make a special personalised gift.

These are the kinds of ideas we spend a long time developing leading up to the day. The biggest reward is when your new ranges launch in store, and you start to see sales and customer reaction.”

From all of us at M&S, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

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