1 March, 2018


Matt’s been at M&S for over 4 years. Having studied Business Management at university, he decided to get some work experience with us before graduation, and never looked back.

Llandudno is a high street store with a wide range of customers, many of them regulars. It’s a quality that Matt thinks really helps his branch stand out. And the team can’t wait to get started on the St David’s Day celebrations, with plenty of competitions and tastings to look forward to.

“The more fun colleagues are having, the better the service being delivered to customers. This year, we’ll be promoting some of our locally sourced products, like Welsh cakes from Village Bakery, or beers from Conwy Brewery.”

And what of the rivalry between the English and Welsh?

“Driving competitions between Welsh and English stores works really well for us, particularly during the Six Nations Championship. It not only generates a fun atmosphere but drives sales for the stores too.”

National rivalries aside though, there is a shared culture at M&S that unites everyone. For Matt, it means doing what is right for both customers and colleagues.

“It’s the knowledge that you are fully supported by the business, and have everything you need to become high-performing and successful at whatever you do.”

So what does Matt say to those looking to join M&S?

“Get ready to work at a fast pace, keep the customer your number one priority, and make people your focus.”

But the main priority for St David’s Day will be judging the bake off competition. After all, those welsh cakes aren’t going to eat themselves.

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