20 November, 2014

Best friends reunited

"The story began when a newspaper contacted us and asked if we could help a little girl – Lucy – who had lost her M&S toy bunny rabbit.

"I spoke to colleagues around M&S and eventually we found another bunny – but we still had the problem of explaining where her bunny had been! So I made up a postcard from the rabbit that said "I'd been on holiday – sorry I had to leave you. I've been travelling with another girl who didn't have a rabbit to go with, but I really missed you so I've come home". The newspaper ran the article with a video of the girl getting the rabbit back.

"To see the little girl's face. That is what it is about. It often happens, that request – but we can't always find the exact replacement toy – to see her face and hear her little squeal when she opened the package was really special. 

"I love the interaction with the customers. You never know what you're going to get. Every contact is different and you have to treat it like that. You have to treat each contact as if they're the first one of the day – it doesn't matter if it's a quarter to five and you've been there since 9 a.m. – that customer, they're really important. You have to make them feel that they're the most important person you've spoken to that day. That's when you really show you care, and you're in touch."


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