5 March, 2018

Apprenticeships: Good for People, Good for Business & Good for the Future

“My name is Hazel and I’m responsible attraction and recruitment for all our Future Talent programmes at Marks & Spencer. I’m here today to talk to you about something very important to us all as a company: apprenticeships.

“Each year, National Apprenticeship Week brings together employers and apprentices from across the country to celebrate the importance of apprenticeships to people, businesses and communities. But why are they so important?

“Employers are increasingly worried about finding and holding on to quality, skilled individuals. At the same time young people leaving school are worried about their next move. For some, gaining real world working experience is more important than going to university. What’s more, for others, full-time study might not be an option or they might feel they’re not ready to do it yet.

“Apprenticeships are a brilliant alternative that allow employers to bring fresh new people in, nurture their skills and shape them to fit the needs of the business. It’s proven that apprentices are the best way to build our future workforce and bring on more dedicated people who will make a positive impact on our business. On the other hand apprenticeships give individuals the opportunity to earn while they learn. Not only that but there are many other benefits, like learning new skills, meeting new people, and gaining the confidence and capabilities that come with working with those who are older and more knowledgeable than you.

“That’s why at M&S we have invested a lot of time and thought in the apprenticeship opportunities we offer and we take our responsibilities towards young people seriously. An M&S Apprenticeship is designed to give you the best of both worlds. Our programmes develop the skills needed to forge an amazing long-term career with one of the UK’s favourite retailers, as well as to gain a nationally recognised qualification – and, of course, earn good money while doing it.

“We have a range of external apprenticeships on offer. This year we welcome our 2018 intake onto our longstanding Level 4 Retail Management Apprenticeship, as well as on our programmes in Engineering, Data Analysis and for the first time this year, our Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship. We’ve also gone the extra mile and created an internal apprenticeship route for Level 2 Customer Assistants and Level 3 Section Managers who really want to advance their career.

“Through these all of us at M&S hope to give aspiring new talent a fast-track to an outstanding and very happy career with us, as well as to ensure that one day we’ll be able to hand over the future of our business to a passionate, highly skilled and dedicated workforce.”

Interested? Explore our apprenticeship opportunities today and join us in building a successful and bright future for our business and for each other. 

Inside M&S