9 December, 2015

All I want for Christmas

Just over a year ago, Becky Elsey desperately needed a job. The odd bits of work she did have weren’t enough to survive on, especially with Christmas around the corner.

When Becky, 20, spotted seasonal vacancies in her local Marks and Spencer store in Bath, she decided to have a go. One year on and she has bagged a full-time job as section supervisor in the food department and is gearing up her team for the manic festive rush ahead. Her sights are now firmly set on a management role.

“If you’d told me I’d have this job last year, I’d have laughed,” she says. “I had little direction back then and had no clue what I was going to do.” Becky first started on night shifts last November. 

“Working nights meant I got to see how the business ran,” she says. “It was so interesting – I never imagined for one second all the amazing things that go on behind the scenes to make a shop run.”

Becky, who left school in the middle of sixth form, had always imagined she might struggle to get on as she had few qualifications.

“But I felt with M&S from the word go I was being chosen for who I am and my potential – not qualifications,” she says.

Two weeks before her temporary contract came to an end, she was told she would be taken on for longer. “I felt so good and positive about myself – it was a fantastic feeling,” she says.

After that extension, she was told there was a permanent job if she wanted it. “I couldn’t believe it at first,” she says. “I was really surprised. I certainly didn’t expect a career to come out of a Christmas job but now, with all the support and internal training on hand, I feel I can do whatever I want.”

Becky’s tips for making an impression:
•    Be reliable and always on time
•    Use your initiative
•    Be enthusiastic
•    Make yourself invaluable so that if a permanent role comes up you are the first in line
•    Take up any training you’re offered

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Source: this article originated in the Daily Mirror.

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