28 September, 2015

According to Mo, being welcoming is in our DNA.

Mo started working in M&S on Saturdays to get extra cash to get through university. After cutting his teeth on the menswear section in a Birmingham store he became a Section Coordinator. And after a brief time away from the business, he realised that M&S was where he wanted to be and got a place on our graduate scheme.

“I’ve been a GM Commercial Manager, and a Finance & Operations Manager. I even worked in the Pantheon store on Oxford Street, project managing the store development. In the build up to walking the top shareholders in the business round, we had people flying in from the USA and Dubai to have a look at the new scheme, so we needed to make sure we showcased the best of M&S to them.

“Now I’m taking on my biggest challenge so far – working as a project manager on our new Longbridge store opening. It’ll be one of our flagship stores and there’s a huge amount to do. One day I could be getting the store ready for a legal compliance audit, another day I could be supporting one of our many Plan A initiatives – like helping clean a local beach.

“Over the last 10 years I’ve seen a lot of change. Some things always stay the same though. When I think back to my very first Saturday, the one thing I remember was how welcoming everyone was. I think it’s in the M&S DNA. That first day almost everyone went out of their way to introduce themselves to me. And I still see that happening to new starters today.”

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